Monday, November 9, 2009

The Trinity of Evil - Obama, Reid, Pelosi

This is the trinity of evil, the trio of political terrorists, the anti-America coalition.

These 3 people are traitors to America, that have betrayed the constitution.

Remember these faces, because it is them who will betray America, and its people!

Obama does not like America, or the constitution. He has positioned radicals and Marxists throughout the government. He has spent billions to silence opponents, and suppress our freedoms. He even put his private lawyer on the government payroll, to defend and hide his past from people who question his citizenship, and seek information about his past.

Reid does not care about Americans, he just wants to tax and spend. He will spend your grandchildren into financial slavery.

Pelosi cares about nothing but herself, and gaining more power. She actually thinks conservatives are evil, and compared them to Nazi's. She is mentally unstable.

They want to nationalize EVERYTHING. If you let them take health care, then you have given them 20% of the economy. They have already hijacked part of the financial industry. They own most of GM (after they BROKE the law by burning the bond holders).

They WILL try to crash our economy, ON PURPOSE, default on US bonds (bankruptcy), then suspend the constitution (martial law), followed by socializing or nationalizing ALL remaining private health care industries.... they will finish nationalizing the banking industry, and then they will try to nationalize energy. Taxes will skyrocket, inflation will skyrocket, unemployment will skyrocket, and the world will drop the dollar standard for international trade.

I suggest you either do your international travel now, or forget it... because once this happens, the dollar will be worthless outside the US...

Did you know that countries like India and China... are investing less in our country (buying less of our bonds) and buying more gold now?

Start investing in things that are not dependent on the dollar. Buy platinum, gold, silver... directly invest in foreign oil... buy foreign real estate. You could also invest in a foreign currency... but pick carefully... if the dollar fails... it will wreck economies around the world. Pick a country/currency that is less dependent on our economy, or our currency. Don't buy stocks, or bonds, or any other domestic investments... or you will lose everything!

If you are rich, move to another country, convert your currency. If you're just an average person, try to find work in another country... or make some friends in other countries. Buy a little gold... sit on it... because it will buy your plane ticket and fund your exodus to another country someday.

I am paying off all my debt, and I will be debt free this year. I know someone in another country, and I could move there if need be.

If you don't plan ahead, you could end up trapped in America, with worthless dollars.... taxed beyond belief... and get stuck paying for many trillions of dollars of debt....

all spent by these 3 people:

The Trinity of Evil !!!!