Monday, June 10, 2013

Leftists will destroy the world!!

Obama and the liberal democrats are destroying America. I cant wait until the American people *snap* and go on a killing spree. Its only a matter of time before the people rise up and attack the leftist commies that are trying to take over the government. If Obama doesn't go 'dictator', wipe out congress and end elections, he better leave America after his term ends, because I doubt he would survive a year in America outside the white house. I actually believe Americans hate Obama more than non-americans, but not by much. Obama's arrogance and meddling in foreign affairs has caused a lot of suffering and made him a target in many places around the world. I would not want to be him.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Obama the anti-christ!

Obama is a liar, there are NO cuts in the sequester!  Considering there hasn't been a budget in 4 yrs, how can you claim a cut in any budget to begin with. Simply put, every year, government spending increases... by lets say, 8%. All the sequester did was reduce the increase by a little bit. Its STILL an increase in spending, just not as much as *usual*. Considering Obama has increased deficit spending by an average of $1.2 trillion per year... I really don't think 85 billion will make ANY difference. HOWEVER.... Obama really wants to spend that 85 billion, so he is going on TV every day trying to scare the hell out of Americans with lies! He talks about FAA cuts... WRONG! The non-increase of 600 million... is a spit in the bucket.... the FAA spends 500 million a year on CONSULTANTS!

How about cutting *fluff* spending.... like agency meetings in Hawaii, or special seminars in Vegas!  Better yet.... PASS A FUCKING BUDGET!

Obama is the ONLY threat to America... and that evil communist muslim should be arrested and hanged for treason!

All of you liberals, democrats, and socialists in America are TRAITORS!

Why do you Americans put up with that traitor Obama? He should have been impeached years ago! For the sake of the country, given that no one will stop Obama the criminal.... one can only hope that he dies! Somebody better stop him before he completely destroys the nation! Everything Obama does, is also causing more instability around the world. Obama has cost America the respect of the entire world. No one takes you seriously anymore America. You are a 2nd rate country, and Obama put you there.

A warning to all the rich in America.... LEAVE NOW... pay your fees and *exit tax*... and get out now while you still have anything. When things get really bad, Obama WILL take your money... thats what dictators do! If America was a patient about to enter surgery, I would say you have about a 20% chance of survival. The rest of the world is looking for ways to distance itself from you already... and get away from the dollar. Your fake stock market gains are being fueled by the FED Reserve buying $25 billion of securities every month. If they stop, your markets will crash! Honestly, do you really believe the stock market can reach all time highs while your GDP goes down, and unemployment stays up? Its all a lie, there has not been a recovery.... and Obama's sequester scare tactics could send America back into a recession!

Anyone that supports Obama should lose their citizenship! Your betrayal of America is unforgivable! America WAS a great nation.... now its the welfare capital of earth. Obama gives money to enemy nations (egypt), and illegal immigrants. All the lazy greedy liberals in the whole world are trying to get some of that Obama money before the big collapse... and Obama is happy to do it. If I didnt know better, I would think Obama is the anti-christ!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Abdul Taib Mahmud

Abdul Taib Mahmud, the CORRUPT Chief Minister of Sarawak Malaysia deserves to DIE!

He and his family have stolen BILLIONS from Sarawak during his 30 year reign of abusive corruption!

His entire family should be imprisoned for life!

It can only be hoped that Taib, and more so the BN will be ousted in the next general election in Sarawak.



Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama is EVIL!

Obama is a communist

Obama is a liar

Obama is a thief

Obama is NOT an American

Obama hates America

Obama hates the constitution

Obama should be impeached!!!

and all you worthless liberals, progressives, socialists, and democrats should be expelled from America!!!!

You are all losers... lazy... leeches... and UNAMERICAN!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

TIME magazine should fire Michael Grenwald

Michael Grenwald is a lying liberal cronie, I would expect better from TIME.

The democraps are marxist control freaks, vote them out! they lie and lie and lie! They want everyone on government assistance (slaves to the free cheese).

O-blame-a keeps pointing the finger at Bush, but keep in mind the democraps have controlled congress since 2006, and congress (not the president) controls the money! That means the democraps are responsible for nearly the last 4 years, not just the 19 months of Obama dictatorship.

America is a republic, not a statist-democracy. Vote out the liberals, socialists, statists, marxists, progressives, and communists! NO MORE TAX AND SPEND!

We have become slaves to national debt!

Restore the constitution... lower taxes, and reduce government size. Return to fiscal responsibility. Bring back jobs and manufacturing!

Secure our borders, and protect America from terrorists. Fix immigration by enforcing the laws.

The 14th amendment does not have to be modified. It states that "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the *jurisdiction* thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." Diplomats are NOT subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S., neither are tourists-visitors, because they cannot be charged with treason (a condition of being in US jurisdiction). That means illegal immigrants, and women who come to this country on a tourism visa to have "instant citizens" are not under U.S. jurisdiction... and therefore the children they have CANNOT get U.S. citizenship!!! Does anyone enforce this rule?? NO.

Simply pass legislation to properly define its meaning. That will end the anchor-baby situation.

Moving on...

The answer is not to vote in a bunch of ultra-right wing conservatives, that want to cram their idea of government enforced morality down your throat. We need people similar to the founding fathers of this nation. We need fiscal conservatives, constitutional defenders, with more center leaning conservatives that can cooperate reasonably with people of other political ideologies.

The liberals-progressives have spent your future, and your children's future, and trampled all over the constitution.

Dont take that crap, vote them out! Take back our congress, our government, and our country...

Then impeach that racist anti-american closet-muslim Obama!

and before you label me a racist or bigot... I have black/mexican friends, I know some friendly muslims that I really enjoy debating, and my gf is asian. I'm just anti-big government, anti-socialist, and pro-freedom. America may not be perfect, but its pretty damn good!

Vote in November! God Bless America!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Islam is not a religion, it is a criminal terrorist cult. The Quran & Hadith are nothing more than terrorist doctrine. Muhammad was a schizophrenic pedophile criminal that fabricated a fake religion to justify his crimes against humanity.

Most people would agree that Hitler and the Nazi's were a bad thing. We certainly would not glorify nazi beliefs with a 'pro-nazi' shrine near any of the death camps. Some might claim apples & oranges... an ideology vs a so called religion. Ok. How many people know that Hitler had 2 (two) all muslim divisions in his army? Did you know that those two divisions of 'muslims' were responsible for millions of deaths (Serbs, Slavs, Jews, etc). Those muslims committed some of the worst atrocities of the entire war.

Muslims are responsible for the vast majority of terrorist acts. Islam violates basic human rights.

Should America allow islam to be glorified with a shrine near ground zero? HELL NO!

Obama is a closet muslim, though it has become rather obvious to most by now. This country is being run by an enemy of the state, and a traitor to the constitution. He should be impeached & tried for treason.

Islam should lose its status as a recognized religion in America, lose its IRS tax status, and all islamic schools should be shut down. Islam is a cancer, a cult, a terrorist theology... not a religion.

I will stand up and fight for my rights. I will vote against Obama, the democrats, and any other elected official that does not defend the constitution, or do the will of the LEGAL residents of this country. I will contact my representatives often, and I will protest when necessary. I will not surrender my liberty! I will keep fighting as long as I can.

If my government allows that mosque at ground zero, and continues its psycho-liberal progressive march toward socialism (destroying freedom, and the constitution)... then I will seek permanent legal immigration to another country during my lifetime, and renounce my American citizenship. I will not live in (or pay taxes to) a nation that supports liberal-marxism, a dictatorship, or sharia law.


Vote, protest, blog, talk with friends or neighbors... November is coming... make a difference!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A time for revolution!

Its time for the entire world to wake up!

The wealthy elite, political leaders, central banks (Federal Reserve, IMF, ECB), and power groups like the trilateral commission, bilderberg, council on foreign relations ARE TRYING TO FORM A NEW WORLD SUPERBANK WITH THEM IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE!

The Federal Reserve is NOT a government agency, it is a private bank and they control the United States, our economy, our currency. They have bankrupted America (great depression), and now America and its citizens have become collateral. The federal reserve should be abolished or nationalized NOW.

Obama's stimulus package was not 800 billion, it was a multi-trillion dollar central banking fraud that looted the US Treasury, and was used to buy all the assets we lost during the financial crisis. They created this crisis to wipe out our wealth, and take control.

We need to destroy the Trilateral Commission

We need to destroy Bilderberg

We need to destroy the Council of Foreign Relations

We need to eliminate non-government central banks worldwide

We need to imprison all members of the above power-groups & central banks

We need to impeach & imprison all political leaders that had any involvement with any of these groups

I recommend everyone in the world to buy some extra food & water supplies that can be stored long term. Start your own gardens. If it legal for you to do so, go out and buy guns. Learn how to use them safely. Be prepared to defend yourself and your property when governments around the world collapse.

Don't invest in real estate, governments will eventually nationalize it. Forget stocks & investments. Don't save or keep too much cash. Buy precious metals of any type. Buy tools. Store building materials.

Use your right to vote for now, but be ready for the worst!